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Welcome to the Atlético de Madrid Boarding School Program, an exceptional opportunity for young boys and girls to pursue their passion for football while receiving a top-quality education in Madrid.

As a professional Spanish football club, Atlético de Madrid is proud to offer this comprehensive program that combines elite football training at their renowned High Performance Academy with a high-school education, providing a solid foundation for both athletic and academic success.

Discover how you can train at the High Performance Academy of Atlético de Madrid and combine football with high-school education of the highest level.



The Boarding School Program is a unique football experience offering players from all over the world the opportunity to combine elite football training with their high-school education studies in Madrid.

Offered by the official Academy of Atlético de Madrid, girls and boys dreaming of becoming future professional football players and desiring to continue their education can study at recognised educational institutions while training as players of Atlético de Madrid.

Atletico de Madrid Training Session


Through a partnership between Atlético de Madrid, the prestigious educational institutions Vermont Academy and Liceo Europeo, the Boarding School Program helps young athletes to develop their football skills while progressing towards an IB International Baccalaureate or American Baccalaureate.

The program was created to offer an educational program that meets the demand of international students for the secondary and high school stage with athletic capabilities.

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The Boarding School Program gives football players everything they need to be athletically and educationally successful.

The Atlético de Madrid Boarding School Program combines a highly respected Educational Program with a top-class Sport Program comprising of individualised training sessions with the Professional Academy, collective training sessions with Academy teams, medical check-ups with the Club doctors, seminars and workshops, as well as nutritional guidance.  During their stay, all student-athletes are offered full board accomodation, sleeping at the High Performance Residence of Atlético de Madrid where the best players of the Academy live each day.

Atletico de Madrid Training Centre Alcala de Henares


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Atletico de Madrid Stadium Dressing Room
Atletico de Madrid Boarding School


The Boarding School Program allows athletes to continue their secondary school studies and prepares them for a bright future by offering the choice between two types of recognised educational systems. The alliance with Vermont Academy and Liceo Europeo allows athletes to pursue either the International Baccalaureate (IB) or American Baccalaureate.

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) degree is a recognised diploma offered by 5,284 educational insitutions in 158 countries offering rigorous educational programs to over 1,500,000 students worldwide.

IB education adopts a learner-centered approach, developing effective teaching and learning while exploring a global and meaningful educational curriculum. The International Baccalaureate is a recognised educational degree allowing students to continue their studies and later develop their professional careers anywhere in the world.

American Baccalaureate

The American Baccalaureate, or College Preparatory School Diploma (Grade 11 & 12) consists of two academic courses and is intended for students between ages of 16 and 18 years old, both national and international. Students may choose to attend Grade 11, Grade 12 or both consecutively.

The American Baccalaureate is characterized by absolute immersion in the English language. All subjects are taught in English by native Vermont Academy teachers, following the American methodology with personalised teaching in small groups and special attention given to the development of talent, creativity and the ability to solve problems. Different subjects are adapted to the needs or requirements of the students. The degree obtained allows for cultural and academic success, favouring access to further higher education studies at any university in the world.

Vermont Academy

Vermont Academy is originally a renowned educational institution founded in 1876, located in the northeast region of the United States of America.

Together with the Liceo Europeo, Vermont Academy offers offer a global education rooted in high academic standards, with an American curriculum designed to foster the development of cultural competency to enable students to learn skills for social and workplace dynamics in the 21st century. Its philosophy of instruction is characterized by the integral formation of the students. The interdisciplinary connection between subjects, the development of critical thinking and the excellent global and values education that it provides turns its students into global citizens.

The institution places special emphasis on the personal and cultural development of its students, providing them with the essential tools to discover their passions and interests and to take advantage of their talent, which can then be applied in real life. Practicing sports and participating in outdoor activities are part of the daily life of students at Vermont Academy.

Colegio Liceo Europeo

Colegio Liceo Europeo is a nationally and internationally recognised school with more than 1,200 students, founded in 1982. Located in Madrid, Spain, it stands out for being at the educational vanguard of the country, giving special importance to international education. In a multinational and multicultural climate, open to diversity and the interaction of knowledge, innovation and caring learning environments fostered.

This cultural diversity enriches student learning while fostering a commitment to the ideasl of civility and internaitonal understanding in the school community.

At Colegio Liceo Europeo, special importance is given to personal and interpersonal development of students through practical learning including methods such as participation in congresses and international initiatives, workshops, group dynamics that contribute to their university and professional orientation. The institution also boasts fantastic facilities always oriented to the students and their families such as wide sport and play areas and exquisite green spaces.


Alongside their studies during the Boarding School Program, participants will train at the state-of-the-art football training facilities of the Academy of Atlético de Madrid which houses the top-level athletes of the Club’s various teams.

The Club’s facilities boast pristine pitches that meet professional standards, cutting-edge equipment and advanced training technology offering the ideal environment for players to hone their skills.

Through a structured and personalised football training program for each player, participants will practice, improve and develop the many needed skills to become better footballers in these same facilities that are enjoyed by the Academy and Professional teams.

The Expert staff and training methodology offers players constant individualised attention and players receive continuous feedback during training sessions to make sure that they reach their objectives. Individualized attention and coaching ensures that players are able to maximize their potential.

A focus of the program is also put on education while also putting an accent on enjoyment and learning so that players can experience unforgettable moments in the hands of the educational and Expert Technical Team, acquiring new football knowledge and being taught the small details to help them progress day by day on Atlético’s pitches.

A world-class football education begins with world-class facilities, which is why Atlético de Madrid provides participants with the best resources to unlock their true potential at their two training facilities:
The Wanda Majadahonda Sport Complex is the main football training facility of Atlético de Madrid’s first team, Atlético de Madrid B and the High-Performance teams of the Academy for the under-15 to under-19 youth categories.

The Wanda Alcalá de Henares Sport Complex is the headquarters of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, LaLiga Iberdrola and UEFA Youth League. It has its own natural grass football pitch and a stadium with a capacity of 2,700 spectators.

Visits to the Club’s Metropolitano Stadium may also be organised during the program.


Atlético de Madrid Residence – The Academy Residence where players will stay is located in San Sebastián de los Reyes in Madrid. The Residence offers players all the comforts to enjoy an elite level sport training experience.

The various rooms accomodate for all possible needs and are themed with the colours of Atlético de Madrid. The Academy Residence also includes security and staff 24/7, recreational areas, terraces, and leisure rooms where players can share moments with of the Academy.

The Residence has its own cantine offering players a complete sports menu and buffet prepared by the club’s nutritionists during their stay, following the diet standards of high-performance athletes.
The Boarding School Program is a complete football education program where players will also enjoy unique lifetime experiences. The program includes exclusive access to the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium and the Atléti Territory Museum.

On week-ends other cultural and recreational activities are organised so the players can enjoy a thrilling time in Madrid. Depending on the dates of the individual programs, players may also experience unforgettable experiences such as welcoming the First Team of Atlético de Madrid at the Players Tunnel inside the stadium on a matchday or attending First Team training sessions of the Men’s and Women’s team.


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Testimonials from past participants

I got to live and train like a professional player. I’m so lucky that I can experience the training with a professional club. Compared to my previous practices, I would not have experienced the level of a high-level team.

This program is also a lot more advanced than other programs. They help with all parts of the game from tactical, technical and etc. These help me develop faster as a player. This also helped me mentally and physically.

These are three reasons why I would choose Atletico de Madrid Boarding School Program.

– Tsun Yeung Lai

Did You Know?

Since 2014, more than 150 players have taken part in the program with tremendous success. 20 players reached National Team level and 5 have made their professional debut.

Players train in a high-intensity environment, learning the same methodology and receiving the same care that has helped many players become world-class players.


The vibrant city of Madrid serves as an ideal setting for the Atlético de Madrid Boarding School Program, offering participants an enriching and culturally diverse experience.

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is renowned for its rich history, architectural wonders, and bustling cosmopolitan atmosphere. Athletes in our program have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant Spanish culture, savour delicious cuisine, and explore iconic landmarks such as the Royal Palace and Prado Museum.

Madrid’s passion for football runs deep, with the city home to world-class stadiums and an electric atmosphere during match days. The program not only provides exceptional football training but also exposes participants to a dynamic and thriving city that embraces the beautiful game.

Whether strolling through the lively streets, witnessing the breathtaking views from Retiro Park, or experiencing the warmth of the local community, Madrid offers an unforgettable environment for young athletes to grow, learn, and create lifelong memories.


How Long Is The Boarding School Program?


The program duration is 3 months, 6 months or 11 months (full academic year). Participants have the opportunity to train and study at the Atlético de Madrid High Performance Academy during this period.

Where Does The Program Take Place?

The Atlético de Madrid Boarding School Program is based in Madrid, Spain. Participants will have the opportunity to train at the Club’s High Performance Academy and pursue a high-school education in Madrid.

For What Ages Is The High-Performance Program?

The program is open to young players that are preparing or already studying in high-school or secondary school. Send us an inquiry through our contact form below, so our team can help you further given your child’s specific context.

What Are The Football Requirements To Apply For The Program?

The program does not have any requirements in terms of footballing ability. However, given the rigorous program, players must be ready to commit themselves and show discipline while following the professional program.

Will Players Interact With Professional Staff & Players?

As part of the program, participants will be guided and coached by Experts and Professional coaching staff of the Academy. Participants may also have the chance to interact with professional players around the training ground and to attend matches of the first-team at the Stadium.

What Are The School Requirements To Apply For The Program?

The program does not have any requirements in terms of previous educational grades. However, players must be preparing to or already studying in high-school or secondary school. Players must also be dedicated to their educational studies as it is of equal importance as the football program.

What Support Services Are Provided To Participants?

The program offers a range of support services to ensure the overall well-being of participants. These include a legal tutor, who will be in constant contact with the family, as well as a sport coordinator and educational tutors to help with school work or support in the football program. The Travel Agency of the Club is also available to assist with planning the program and transport.

Does My Child Need To Attend A Trial Or Test To Be Admitted?

No, there are no football trials or tests that must be completed in order to be admitted to the Boarding School Program. The Club may ask for video material or other information to ensure that the professional football program is the right fit for participants.

  • Personalised Atlético de Madrid Training Program
  • International or American Baccalaureate Education Degree
  • School Support & Educational Tutors
  • Full Board Accommodation at the Official Atlético de Madrid Academy Residence
  • Individualised Training Sessions with Academy Coaches
  • Collective Training Sessions with Academy Teams
  • Theoretical Seminars & Workshops
  • High-Performance Diet & Nutritional guidance
  • Medical Check-ups with Club Doctors
  • Welcome Pack & Full Training Equipment Kit
  • Metropolitano Stadium & Atléti Territory Museum Tour
  • Internal Transfers (Pick-up & Drop-off at the Airport upon request)
  • Laundry Service for School and Sport
Atletico de Madrid Metropolitano Stadium


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