Learn to Coach the Atlético Way.

Welcome to the Atlético de Madrid Coaches Experience Program, an exceptional opportunity for football coaches, specialists, managers, scouts and industry professionals of all levels to develop their coaching skills at the Academy in Madrid.

As an elite professional football club, Atlético de Madrid is proud to offer this comprehensive educational course that combines theoretical lessons at their renowned state-of-the-art facilities and practical experience through unique access and attendance to Academy training sessions and matches.

Spend a period of several days (7-days, 4-days or a shorter stay) learning at the official Academy in Madrid, and discover how you can start learning with the Experts the Atlético de Madrid Academy to take your football coaching and knowledge to the next level.


Theoretical & Practical Lectures

Take part in theoretical football education classes and workshops at the Academy covering subjects such as Training Methodology, Analysis in football, Physcial Preparation and Strength & Conditioning training integrated in football, Sports Science, and Sports Medecine.

All programsa are based on the Club’s unique and successful player development methodology and provide football coaches, specialists, scouts and industry professionals from all over the world the opportunity to develop their skills at the Academy in Madrid.

Football Coach giving training session.
A football training complex.


The Coaches Experience program also gives you access to attend and even take part in training sessions of the Academy teams on the pitch. On match days, watch and analyse the official matches of the Academy at the Club’s Training Centre.

This immersive program gives you unprecedented access to the state-of-the-art training facilities of the Club and teaches you to become a leading football coach of the future through a guided coaching experience with the Experts of the Club.



Direct access to Atlético de Madrid's Experts

Connect and exchange with Atlético de Madrid’s Experts throughout the course as you further your knowledge.

Every program is designed according to the specific needs and requests of the participating group and directed by highly qualified professionals of the Club, carefully selected by the Sport Direction.

All selected Experts are currently coaching a federated team of the Atlético de Madrid Academy, have been integrated in the Academy structure for more than three years and have at least a UEFA A Coaching license.

Lectures and practical sessions are carried in an atmosphere of constant exchange of knowledge enriching debates between coaches and participants.


Football Coach giving training session.
A football training complex.

Networking opportunities with fellow coaches & industry experts

Meet new coaches and experts in this international setting and make long lasting connections.

You’ll have unparalleled networking opportunities with fellow coaches and industry experts. Engage in dynamic discussions, share insights, and forge connections with like-minded professionals from around the globe.

Rub shoulders with seasoned coaches, former players, and renowned experts in the football industry, gaining invaluable perspectives and building lasting relationships.

Whether you’re exchanging coaching strategies, discussing the latest trends, or simply connecting with peers who share your passion for the game, the educational program provides the perfect platform to expand your network and grow both personally and professionally.

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Program Duration: 7-days, 4-days or shorter programs possible on-demand. 

Dates: The courses are available on-demand throughout the season. Contact us to know the soonest possible dates!

Location: The theoretical lectures and attendance of training sessions and matches takes place at Atlético de Madrid’s Official Academy Training Centres. Activities including the VIP Stadium Tour & Museum Tour take place at the Metropolitano Stadium.

Experts & Speakers: highly qualified professionals of Atlético de Madrid, coaching a federated team of the Atlético de Madrid Academy for more than three years with minimum UEFA A Coaching Licenses.

Required Coaching Level: There is no required level or age-group that you must coach to follow the course. All programs are tailor-made and adapted to the level and requirements of the participants.


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Atletico de Madrid Stadium Dressing Room


During the Coaches Experience Program Program, participants will attend theoretical classes and workshops at the state-of-the-art football training facilities of the Academy of Atlético de Madrid which houses the top-level athletes of the Club’s various teams.

The Club’s facilities boast pristine pitches that meet professional standards, cutting-edge equipment and advanced training technology offering the ideal environment for players to hone their skills.

Through a structured and personalised learning program, participants will develop the many needed skills to become better football coaches or specialists in these same facilities that are enjoyed by the Academy and Professional teams.

The Expert staff and training methodology offers participants constant attention and feedback to make sure that you get the most out of the program to reach your objectives.

A world-class football education begins with world-class facilities, which is why Atlético de Madrid provides participants with the best resources to unlock their true potential at their training facilities:

The Wanda Alcalá de Henares Sport Complex is the headquarters of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, LaLiga Iberdrola and UEFA Youth League. It has its own natural grass football pitch and a stadium with a capacity of 2,700 spectators.

The Wanda Majadahonda Sport Complex is the football training facility of Atlético de Madrid’s first team, Atlético de Madrid B and the High-Performance teams of the Academy for the under-15 to under-19 youth categories.

The Coaches Experience Program is a complete football education program where coaches enjoy unique lifetime experiences. The program includes exclusive access to the Metropolitano Stadium and the Atléti Territory Museum.


Atlético de Madrid Residence – Participants following the Coaches Experience program have the option to stay at the official Academy Residence of the Club’s best players located in San Sebastián de los Reyes in Madrid.

The Residence offers participants all the comforts to enjoy an elite level sport training experience. The various rooms accommodate for all possible needs and are themed with the colours of Atlético de Madrid. The Academy Residence also includes security and staff 24/7, recreational areas, terraces, and leisure rooms where you can share moments with your colleagues and the members of the Academy.

The Residence has its own food canteen offering you a complete sports menu and buffet prepared by the club’s nutritionists and chefs during your stay, following the diet standards of high-performance athletes.

However, participants are also free to choose their own hotel and accommodation for the program.


Contact our Team for all the information on the next program start dates for the Football Coaches Experience Program of Atlético de Madrid.

Testimonials from past participants

Since I have been in Madrid, I have never stopped thinking about football and above all looking for opportunities to grow. This opportunity was given to me by Atlético de Madrid.

I had the privilege of being able to live closely, one of the most beautiful and strongest academies in the world. Methodology, competition, education, sacrifice and wining mentality are values that are transmitted to all the people who cross the door of the Academy sports centre.

I thank the Atletico de Madrid family and all their staff in the technical area, psychology, scouting, physical preparation for the wonderful presentations about the Academy.

It was an honour to meet Gabi and Fernando Torres, two symbols of Atlético de Madrid who every day transmit the values of the Club to all the people who work in the different training complexes.

I will take everything with me, from the first training session, to the last of it, from the U-18 Youth League match against Liverpool, to the U-19 Championship match against Leganés.

Simeone’s signature can be felt in every single moment.

Did You Know?

The values of the Club are passion, resilience, unity, competitiveness, integrity and commitment to Youth Development. The Atlético de Madrid Academy has produced several world-class players who have gone on to play for some of the best professional clubs and national teams.

Notable players who have been produced by the academy include Fernando Torres, David de Gea, Koke, Saúl and Rodri.


The vibrant city of Madrid serves as an ideal setting for the Atlético de Madrid Coaches Experience Program, offering participants an enriching and culturally diverse experience.

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is renowned for its rich history, architectural wonders, and bustling cosmopolitan atmosphere. Football Coaches, specialists and professionals following the program also have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant Spanish culture, savour delicious cuisine, and explore iconic landmarks such as the Royal Palace and Prado Museum.

Madrid’s passion for football runs deep, with the city home to world-class stadiums and an electric atmosphere during match days. The program not only provides exceptional football education but also exposes participants to a dynamic and thriving city that embraces the beautiful game.

Whether strolling through the lively streets, witnessing the breathtaking views from Retiro Park, or experiencing the warmth of the local community, Madrid offers an unforgettable environment for young athletes to grow, learn, and create lifelong memories.


How many days is the Coach Experience Program?

The Coach Experience Program is 4-days long or 7 days (one full week) long. Shorter programs less than 4 days or longer than 7 days can also be organised, if requested.

Where Does The Program Take Place?

The Program takes place in Madrid, Spain at Atlético de Madrid’s official state-of-the-art training complexes. It also includes visits to the Club’s Museum and Metropolitano Stadium.

For What Age Category is the Coach Experience Program?

There is no specific age category that you must coach to join the Coach Experience Program. The program is adapted based on the age-groups coached & roles that coaches or specialists have in their own clubs.

What Coaching Level Do I Need for the Program?

There is no specific coaching level required to take part in the Coach Experience program. Classes and Sessions are adapted to the level and job functions of the group. The Academy of Atlético de Madrid has a comprehensive team of experts who can tailor the experience based on the appropriate group requirements.

Will I Interact With Professional Staff & Experts?

During the program, theoretical classes and training sessions on the pitch will given by experienced Experts of the Club’s Academy Teams that have a minimum UEFA A Coaching License and multiple years of experience with the Club’s structure. It is a unique opportunity to learn, ask questions and network with Industry Experts. It is also possible sometimes to meet Club Legends or Players.

  • Official Personalised Program
  • Welcome Ceremony by ATM Staff
  • Theoretical Classes Content and Schedule Adapted to your Requests
  • Atlético de Madrid Academy Workshops
  • Observing Atlético de Madrid Academy Training Sessions accompanied by the Sport Coordinators, and Academy League Matches
  • Continuous feedback and Q&A time with the Sport Coordinators
  • Full Board Accommodation in the Academy High-Performance Residence (transportation, 24h care, laundry…) - if accommodation booked at the Residence
  • Personalised Attention During the Entire Experience
  • Ticket for an Atlético de Madrid La Liga Match (according to availability and paid separately)
  • Metropolitano Stadium Tour – VIP + Atlético Madrid Museum Tour
  • Official Certificate of Participation & Completion
Atletico de Madrid Metropolitano Stadium


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