5 Reasons You Should Attend Pro Football Camps Abroad

Professional football teams offer football camp experiences where passionate players from around the world can train at their official training centres for a several days. Although these experiences are not scouting events with the goal of recruiting players, they can be very beneficial to a young footballer’s development.

In this article, we discuss a variety of reasons why football camps at professional football teams are valuable experiences for you, if you are a football player, or a parent with a child looking to improve their football or even have a professional career.

1. Experience Training at the Professional Level

Football camps at professional clubs are a valuable experience for developing footballers because they give players the opportunity to experience training at a higher-level than what they may be used to in their own clubs.

As part of the football camps, players take part in training sessions given by qualified academy coaches. These training sessions follow the methodology of the professional academy and are an excellent way for players to experience new training methods and technical exercises that are different from their football club. And not only do players experience drills that are new, they experience drills and exercises of the highest level, designed to create better players.

In addition, the academy coaches that players work with have the experience and the technical knowledge to improve the international players that join the camps. The coaches are used to working with players of the academy day-in, day-out and have high footballing demands that brings out the best of the players they work with.

This is an excellent way for you, or your child to improve and to return to your club’s with a higher level of knowledge, technique and motivation.

Moreover, these experiences often include access to attend academy training sessions and matches as part of the program. This is yet another opportunity for players to get real value from the experience. By observing how players at the Academy level play, you can see what a higher level looks like and it helps you to set better goals to improve.

2. World-Class Football Facilities

Professional academies boast football pitches of the highest quality, modern facilities and the newest technologies which are home to the best professional players of the club. By training at the professional academy training centres, players experience practicing in the best conditions and with the best equipment. In this safe and educational environment, players are able to play to their best ability, learn new skills, andmost importantly, improve their football.

3. Personalised Performance Reports

Many football clubs choose to provide players with a personalised performance report at the end of the football program. The reason for this is to give players and their parents useful feedback on the different areas of their football provided by their coach during the program. Players can use this feedback and personalised report to identify areas of their game that need improvement to play at a higher or professional level. Being able to compare your current skill level to others playing at a higher level of competition that you aspire to reach is essential to set impactful goals and to create a plan to improve. And receiving feedback from experienced, professional coaches that have watched you play throughout the program is a good way to receive a constructive assessment.

4. Advice For Your Situation

By working with you during the program, the professional academy coaches have the time to assess your football skills on the pitch and also to get to know you better personally off the pitch. By the end of the program, the professional academy coaches, who have vast experience working with football players, may be able to advise you on potential next steps that you can take to continue your football development. This may be advice may be on how to find opportunities to play professionally or advice on how to go about improving certain aspects of your game.

5. Create a Valuable Football Network

By attending football camp experiences internationally, you are able to broaden your horizons and create a valuable network. From the admission staff that you are in contact with when registering, to the football coaches you meet at the training centre, you will get to know people who know the world of professional football. These contacts can be helpful to continue your football development and to possibly discover new football opportunities.

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We hope this article gave you a better idea on the reasons why football camps at professional football teams can be valuable experiences for you, as a footballer, or as a parent with a child looking to improve or to have a professional career. At Oxasport, we help football players and coaches improve their skills through experiences and educational resources. Check out our Football Education Programs for football players and coaches to discover experiences develop your skills at the best Clubs in the world.