Atlético Madrid Academy Training Complexes: Where Champions are made

Atlético Madrid is a football institution renowned for its rich history and remarkable achievements. The Club owes much of its success on the pitch to its world-class staff and players but also to its Club management and its investments in state-of-the-art football training facilities. 

In this article, we discuss the different training grounds of Atletico Madrid across the city of Madrid and how they are designed to serve as a cornerstone for player development, tactical preparation, and the cultivation of winning culture.

We will explore the following Atlético Madrid Training Complexes:

  1. Wanda Sports City of Majadahonda (Ciudad Deportiva De Majadahonda)
  2. Wanda Alcalá de Henares Training Complex (Centro Deportivo Wanda Alcalá de Henares)
  3. Metropolitano Stadium (Estadio Civitas Metropolitano)
  4. Atletico Madrid’s New Mega Sports City – A glimpse of the future

1. Wanda Sports City of Majadahonda (Ciudad Deportiva De Majadahonda)

Located in Majadahonda, the Cuidad Deportiva has been used since 1995 for the youth and senior men team training. This complex serves as Atletico Madrid’s home on weekdays. With a capacity of 3800, it also includes the  Mini Estadio Cerro del Espino, which is the home ground of Atletico Madrid B and CF Rayo Majadahonda, both playing in the Segunda Division B. 

At Majadahonda, the technical infrastructure is the most vital at training sessions for improving player performance. The facility is equipped with advanced video analysis technology, which enables coaches to review footage of training sessions and matches. This detailed analysis allows them to identify specific areas of strength and weakness, facilitating targeted coaching interventions to enhance player skills and tactical understanding.

Furthermore, the complex uses GPS tracking systems to monitor players’ physical metrics in real-time during training sessions and matches. This includes data on parameters such as distance covered, sprinting speeds, and heart rate. By analyzing this data, coaches can tailor training programs to individual players’ needs, ensuring optimal physical conditioning and injury prevention.

In addition to these technical tools, the Majadahonda training complex has modern rehabilitation facilities designed to support players in their recovery from injuries. Expert physiotherapists use the latest techniques and equipment to provide personalized treatment plans, helping injured players regain full fitness and return to the field as quickly as possible.

Wanda Sports City Majadahonda of the Atletico Madrid Men's First Team.

2. Wanda Alcalá de Henares Training Complex (Centro Deportivo Wanda Alcalá de Henares)

Located in the Espartales neighbourhood, northeast of Madrid, the Wanda Alcalá de Henares training complex serves as the newest primary training ground where players from the youth Academy and Women’s first team Atletico Femenino train and play their competition matches.

The sports centre covers a vast area of 69,960 square metres, and is fully equipped with one natural grass pitch stadium with a capacity for 2,700 spectators, five 11-a-side artificial grass football pitches, one 7-a-side football pitch, nine paddle tennis courts, a technical area for goalkeepers and multipurpose spaces (changing rooms, gymnasium, shop, coffee shop, warehouses, teaching room and medical services).

Moreover, the complex includes fitness centers, built with the latest sports science technology. Here, players undergo comprehensive physical conditioning programs customized to enhance strength, speed, and agility, ensuring they are primed for peak performance on match day.

Besides being the home for Atletico Madrid Women’s first team and Academy youth teams, the Wanda Alcalá de Henares training complex also hosts various football education courses for coaches and players of all levels, including coaching experiences courses and football high-performance weeks for players, led by the Experts of the Club.

Wanda Alcala de Henares Training Complex

3. Metropolitano Stadium (Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano)

As the home ground for Atletico Madrid, the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium has witnessed countless thrilling matches and unforgettable moments. The echoes of roars and cheers fuel the players as they navigate through the ups and downs of a game.  While the main training ground provides the foundation for player development, the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium offers a unique setting that replicates real match conditions.

At the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium, players engage in specific drills that require the layout of a stadium. This includes practicing set-pieces, simulating match scenarios, and walking through tactical plays. Training in this stadium environment helps players adapt to the pressures of performing in front of a crowd.

Moreover, the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium offers educational opportunities for both players and coaches as part of Atletico Madrid’s commitment to excellence. The stadium hosts educational training courses that include stadium tours and museum visits, providing participants with valuable insights into the club’s history and atmosphere. These experiences enrich their learning and deepen their connection to the club, reinforcing Atletico Madrid’s legacy of greatness and cultivating a winning culture.

Atletico Madrid Estadio Metropolitano

4. Atletico Madrid’s New Mega Sports City – A glimpse of the future

Transitioning to the future of Atletico Madrid’s training facilities, the club has launched a new project to create a groundbreaking sports city in Alcorcón, planned to leave an incredible mark on the city and its devoted fans. 

With a vision to establish a legacy that transcends sporting excellence, Atletico Madrid aims to elevate its revenues and competitiveness across all domains through this transformative mega-project. 

Spanning over one million square meters, the new complex will seamlessly integrate into the Metropolitan Forest, becoming a vibrant hub where sports, leisure, and business blend. Plans include state-of-the-art facilities such as a high-performance center, a mini stadium for the club, and recreational amenities like a beach with artificial waves and a golf course. 

Set to begin its journey in 2024, the project represents a significant investment that will shape the future of football. With sustainability and innovation at its core, the sports city will not only enhance the club’s operations but also position Atletico Madrid as a global leader in sports innovation and sustainability.

Atletico Madrid Mega Sports City

More Than Just Training Centres

In conclusion, Atletico Madrid’s training grounds are more than just facilities for the club’s players. They serve as hubs for football education and excellence, welcoming aspiring talents and coaches from around the world. These facilities offer a nurturing environment where young players improve their skills and coaches develop their expertise under the guidance of experienced professionals. 

From early touches on the ball to skill development, tactical finesse, and cultivating a winning culture. As the club continues its quest for greatness, one thing is certain: its training grounds will remain the beating heart of its success for generations to come.

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