Oxasport and Football2Be Team Up to Host Unforgettable Atlético de Madrid Football Camp in Belgium – July 2023

Belgium, July 15, 2023 – For the third consecutive year, Oxasport and Football2Be proudly collaborated to bring the official Atlético de Madrid Football Camp back to Belgium from July 10th to July 14th, 2023. This landmark event, organized in partnership with the Academy of Atlético de Madrid, unfolded at the prestigious football club of Royale Union Lasne Ohain, delivering an unmatched football experience amidst the green backdrop of Lasne, Belgium.

Exquisite Football Conditions and Facilities

The campers were treated to an extraordinary setting as the football camp graced the exquisite synthetic and grass football fields at the Royale Union Lasne Ohain football club. With access to cutting-edge equipment and the latest amenities, participants found themselves immersed in an environment that perfectly complemented their passion for the sport.

Each player received an official Nike Atlético de Madrid football kit delivered from Spain for the week of Football & a water bottle offered by Sports & Energy drinks company AA Drink who partnered with the football camp.

Top-level Coaches and Expertise

The football camp was guided by an impressive team of coaches who brought together the football knowledge of Belgium and the expertise of Atlético de Madrid. Notably, three official Atlético de Madrid Academy coaches played a vital role in this lineup: Cristina Ballesteros, Carlos Rodríguez Martin, and Adrian Martin Castellanos. Their unique perspectives and insights added an extraordinary touch, shaping the camp into an experience that was truly memorable.

A Sold-Out Event Fostering Diversity

Uniting players from across the region, the football camp boasted over 110 registered participants who brought their passion for football under one banner. The event’s allure spread internationally as Oxasport and Football2Be welcomed over 40 players hailing from the esteemed MG Academy in Israel, further elevating the event’s international stature.

An Enriching Curriculum

At the heart of the Atlético de Madrid Football Camp was an official training program expertly crafted and delivered by the coaches of Atlético de Madrid. Infused with training sessions and exercises straight from the Spanish Professional Academy’s playbook, the camp aimed to hone skills and foster a deeper understanding of the beautiful game. The commitment to holistic development was evident in the provision of warm, chef-prepared meals every day, along with wholesome snacks that fuelled the campers’ zeal for learning.

A Unique Perpective of the Academy’s Legacy

Beyond football drills, the camp offered a unique dimension with engaging indoor presentations and video sessions shedding light on the illustrious Academy of Atlético de Madrid. These insightful sessions went beyond the field, providing participants with a deeper connection to the club’s history, values, and development strategies.

A Memento of Excellence

To commemorate their participation in this distinguished football camp, each player received an official Atlético de Madrid Diploma of Participation during the closing ceremony as well as Discount Entry Tickets provided by Walibi Belgium, treasured tokens representing the camaraderie and learning experienced during the camp.

Oxasport and Football2Be also presented the President of Royale Union Lasne Ohain, Jean Minne, with the very latest 2023/24 Season Atlético de Madrid Home Shirt specially printed by the Academy of the Club, with the name of the Club’s municipality on the back of the shirt.

As the echoes of the Atlético de Madrid Football Camp continue to resonate, Oxasport remains committed to nurturing football talent, fostering international connections, and celebrating the spirit of the game. This dynamic collaboration sets the stage for future events that promise to inspire, empower, and uplift football enthusiasts across Belgium and the rest of the world. 

Oxasport thanks all camp participants and their parents, our Coaching team, our trusted partner Football2Be, our local partner Royale Union Lasne-Ohain for welcoming us in their prestigious club, MG Academy for attending our event travelling from Israel, and the Atlético de Madrid Academy for their trust and long-term partnership.

We also warmly thank our partners Walibi Belgium and AA Drink for their support our event.