4 Reasons Why Football Coaches Should Use LinkedIn in 2024

LinkedIn is one of the leading social network platforms for business professionals. It is a platform where you can create an online profile and share your work experience, education and exchange information with others from your industry.

4 Reasons Why Football Coaches Should Use LinkedIn in 2024 by Oxasport

In recent years, the platform has started attracting more and more individuals working in the world of football who present their CV and work experience to the world. Naturally, in the beginning this was mostly executives working for the largest football organisations in the world and individuals working at professional football clubs.

But today, we are seeing more and more football coaches joining the platform. And in this article, we explore 4 reasons why football coaches are becoming more active on LinkedIn in 2024 and why you should too.

1. An Online CV with your Skills

When you create a profile on LinkedIn, you can add essential information about yourself such as your work experience, your education and your skills. This information appears publicly on the platform and can be seen by others that visit your profile. This is a great way for you to easily present your skills and your experience as a football coach. Your LinkedIn profile becomes a sort of online CV for yourself which is always accessible.

It’s a great way to show what you are good at and what you have achieved in your past professional experiences. And football coaches are using this as a way to easily present their experiences.

2. A Sign of Credibility

In today’s online world, having a profile on LinkedIn is also a sign of professional credibility. When people are thinking of working with you, they will usually look you up on the internet first and expect to find information about you online. People naturally do this to find reassurance that you are a capable and credible person.

By creating a profile on LinkedIn with your experiences, education and skills, you openly communicate what you have achieved in your career and the experience that you have. This makes you more credible as an individual and reinforces your value as a football coach.

LinkedIn allows you to link directly to the LinkedIn page of the organisations on your profile that you have worked for or studied at (if these organisations have a LinkedIn page). This allows you to show the logo of the organisation inside your profile.

Football coaches are using this as a way to reinforce their credibility and experience.

3. Job Opportunities

LinkedIn is also a recruitment tool for companies. Because so many individuals are on the platform presenting their professional experiences, education and skills, LinkedIn is used by recruiters to find and hire the right profiles. The online CV that your profile creates is an ideal way for organisations to learn more about you and to contact you.

Companies with profiles on LinkedIn can post job listings for open positions. You can view these listings using your LinkedIn profile and you can search for open positions with LinkedIn’s search tools. It’s a practical way to discover which organisations are hiring or what job positions are open.

Good job listings feature a complete description of the open position and what skills are required. This is an excellent way to see if your profile matches the position and what skills you need to develop as football coach to fit the job requirements.

More and more football coaches are turning to LinkedIn to find jobs posted by football clubs or organisations in their country and internationally. Or to ask others coaches on the platform for recommendations.

4. Brand Building

The world of football is all about brands. Each football team in the world is a brand with its own logo, reputation and fans. But people are also brands. Think of the most famous players in the world. When you read their name, you recognise them. This is what we call personal branding.

Today, more and more football coaches are using LinkedIn as a way to promote themselves and their work through sharing information and discussing topics about their experiences. By writing and sharing content on LinkedIn, football coaches are becoming more known in their field.

Many football coaches also offer their own services through companies or private football academies. Being present on LinkedIn and sharing information about their business and services helps football coaches reach more potential customers for their business and get more visibility for their brand.

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We hope this article gave you a better idea of what LinkedIn is and how you can use it to become a better football coach. At Oxasport, we help football coaches improve their skills through experiences and educational resources. Check out our Football Education Programs for football coaches to discover experiences to become a better football coach at the best Clubs in the world.